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Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding

I had the pleasure of volunteering some time to work with Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding. They provide therapeutic horseback riding to individuals with special needs and to wounded veterans. They are located in Rio Rancho and have a wonderful space for the animals. It was a fantastic opportunity, and I hope to work with them…

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A Birthday Thing

Many, many moons ago, I worked at an art supply store. I was 19 when I started working there, and I immediately latched on to another employee and decided she would be my very bestest friend. I was clingy, and annoying, and I never shut up. She was a little older than me, mellow, and…

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So, this happened…

To balance out the bad things that have happened in the last month, there were some good things too. Creative Market held an Earth Day poster contest, and I managed to get myself together enough to actually enter it. I managed to create an Earth Day poster that did not have the words Earth or Day…

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This has been a particularly difficult month for me. We lost Cleo on March 16, and on April 17, we lost our other dog, Caramel. This was much more unexpected and I am not okay about it. Caramel was a pound pup. Back in May 2007, we went to Lucky Paws, and they had this dog….

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Back around ’01, I worked for a popular comic book writer/artist. I would travel up to his home in the mountains every week and mail out orders and answer emails. His studio was a converted garage in the family home, so there were always kids or pets wandering through at any given moment. It was…

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