Photography was my starting point into the art world. I can only draw if I take it as slow as humanly possible, and painting is beyond me, but I can take some photos and generally a few of them will look okay. I am still working through making better photographs directly out of the camera,…

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Graphic & Web Design

In Sync Health & Design, LLC

Kimberly Feagans, owner of In Sync Health & Design, LLC, was looking for a new website. Her old site was very static and she needed an upgrade. We decided WordPress would work for her, due to its ease of use. She also wanted to have some e-commerce usability. I set up a small Woo-Commerce section…

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Nicole Corazon

Nicole needed to have an easily accessible website that she could update as needed. As she is just starting to get her art career rolling, she wasn’t quite ready for the expense of self-hosting. We went with a simple site and customized it to fit her needs. I have also been her artwork photographer…

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