Many, many moons ago, I worked at an art supply store. I was 19 when I started working there, and I immediately latched on to another employee and decided she would be my very bestest friend. I was clingy, and annoying, and I never shut up. She was a little older than me, mellow, and so fucking cool that I couldn’t stand it. She had pink hair (PINK HAIR!!!) and was oh so goth. I followed this woman everywhere like a lost puppy. We worked together, but she also ran a nightclub on Thursdays. Guess where I was every Thursday night? I drove her up the wall, but I also wore her down. I think it was mostly that I mellowed the hell out and stopped trying so hard. Whatever the reason, she slowly stopped wanting to set me on fire.

We look a little alike, which has led to some irritation over the years. Someone she knew once yelled at me for 15 minutes because he thought I was not acknowledging our long standing history. I had never seen this guy before in my life. His tirade made sure I didn’t want to know him any better. She and I got a lot of, “Are you sisters? Are you sure?” I have the unfortunate ability to pick up habits from those closest to me. That has not helped with the sister thing. We can finish each other’s thoughts. We think we might share a brain, which works for us. We now, affectionately, refer to each other as Not-twins.

Nik is my closest friend.

Our lives have oddly intertwined. In January of 2012, her mom passed away somewhat unexpectedly. Her mom was in hospice, but no one was expecting it to happen at that moment. I called that morning to see how things were, and then I dropped everything and went to their house. There were a bunch of us. We sat and waited with Nik. Four months later, I called her at 10 p.m. to tell her my mom passed. She and a mutual friend came immediately.

We have both changed so much since then. I finally started to really figure out who I am, and so has she. She is making amazing art and showing it in galleries. She makes amazing jewelry. She is in love (this is a HUGE deal, trust me)! She is just a spectacular person, and I am a better person for knowing her.

Her birthday is on Halloween. It’s a good thing she’s a creepy/gothy girl, because all of her presents usually end up being Halloween decorations. Last year, I made her a digital birthday thing. Then I did it again this year. She has a thing for owls. Next year, I think she’ll get something a little different, though.





Products Used:
Morning Sugar Typeface
Gold Rush
Galaxy Design Kit
Watercolor Branding Kit

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