To balance out the bad things that have happened in the last month, there were some good things too.

Creative Market held an Earth Day poster contest, and I managed to get myself together enough to actually enter it. I managed to create an Earth Day poster that did not have the words Earth or Day in it. Still, I made an effort. It took me a few days. I kept starting it, hating the results, then scrapping it. Once I figured it out, it came together quickly and easily. I submitted it to Twitter and waited.


Something completely unexpected happened. I actually won!

There were some amazing submissions, especially within the last day of the contest. I was pretty sure those were going to knock me out of the running, but they didn’t. I’m very excited by this, because I had begun to think, maybe, I’m not very good at this. Sure, this is just one contest, and there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of entrants, but I was still one of the entrants that made it. I really needed this confidence boost.

So, here it is:



The font I used was (a very warped) Picaso from Bowery Studio Design.

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